Daniel Taub – AM

While many Western countries are praising the recent Geneva accord concerning Iran’s desire to acquire a nuclear program, people like Daniel Taub are highly opposed stating that it will do little good in dissuading Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Daniel Taub is an Israeli Ambassador to the UK. The sponsors of the bill are touting it as one of the most significant deals in the history of the Islamic State since 1979 despite the protests of many in the Middle East and other countries.

Daniel Taub does not think Iran will even be slowed down from purchasing its first nuclear bomb because of the deal and doesn’t think the Geneva accord was enough as it didn’t include everything that was needed for the safety of Israel and the surrounding countries in the Middle East.

The accord did not remove any of the equipment that Iran already possesses that is required for nuclear capabilities and still allowed for nuclear enrichment in exchange for UN inspections and the easing of certain sanctions that had been in place concerning Iran. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://askreporter.com/2017/09/religion-should-have-a-place-at-the-negotiating-table-says-israeli-negotiator-daniel-taub/ and https://www.thejc.com/lifestyle/features/farewell-mr-ambassador-interview-with-daniel-taub-1.67939

While the West insists that the accord does not ensure the right to Uranium enrichment for Iran, Iran highly disagrees as the different parties have different interpretations of the bill. Daniel Taub fears that these differences in interpretation will lead to problems when the accord is actually being enacted.

In Israel, there are many citizens who are very angry towards the UN for signing this bill. In fact, many believe that if there is a nuclear attack on Israel from Iran it will be due to the accord not providing the protection that Israel and surrounding countries need from Iran’s potential or nuclear weapons.

While the accord may have restricted Iran to not having Uranium that is enriched to over 5 percent, without the removal of their equipment like a large centrifuge they can easily enrich lower percentage uranium to weapons-grade. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

While focusing on uranium enrichment a few years ago may have been important, it doesn’t need to be as large of a focus if the UN is still allowing them to possess and use this equipment that Daniel Taub is opposed to.

While the West has portrayed the current president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, as a relative moderate the people of Israel highly disagree.

While he may not be as strictly conservative as the past president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who was a staunch Halocaust denier, he is still believed to be dangerous.

Jobs Available At Sussex Healthcare Place An Emphasis On Quality Patient Service

As part of their ongoing efforts to provide senior adults with the type of physical activity they need to keep their bones and muscles healthy, Sussex Healthcare opened a new gym and fitness center. This agency is known for the leading edge services they provide to older adults who often suffer from neurological conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. The new gym is equipped with everything from free weights to elliptical trainers and underwater treadmills. It even has a full size swimming pool. As with all of their residential care facilities, the new gym and fitness center is staffed with qualified professionals who specialize in physical training and care for seniors.

As an independent service for adult living, Sussex Healthcare has been helping older adults in the United Kingdom’s region of Sussex for more than 25 years. This organization currently operates 20 residential homes located throughout the areas of East and West Sussex. In 2002, Sussex Healthcare obtained accreditation from the U.K.’s Health Quality Service board. By 2005 they had achieved an international standard ISO of 9000:2000 for quality management, which made them the only independent healthcare service in the U.K. to obtain dual accreditation.

As an organization that places a high emphasis on quality patient care, the leaders behind Sussex Healthcare look to hire management personnel who excel in their respective fields. This is evident in the company’s recent addition to their staff with the hiring of their new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor. Ms. Morgan-Taylor has extensive experience in the areas of quality development and management. She has also worked as a mental health nurse and is aware of the special needs senior adults often have.

Although Sussex Healthcare has filled the position of CEO, they still have many open positions for qualified individuals. Some of these include Deputy Care Home Manager positions for their independent living facilities. The duties of this position entail coordinating all managing aspects of the care home by reporting and assisting the Registered Manager. This position is open to qualified Registered Nurses who are interested in moving into a leadership role. This organization also has several openings for Senior Care Assistants for various homes located throughout the Sussex area. The position available at Beech Lodge, Horsham has a specific focus on working with younger adults who have learning disabilities as well as physical disabilities. Sussex Healthcare provides training for this position to qualified individuals who have their level 3 NVQ.

Find more about Sussex Healthcare: http://www.neuprofessionals.com/clients/surrey-and-sussex-healthcare-nhs-trust/

Madison street capital

On November 13th, 2017, Madison Street Capital was awarded Debt Financing Deal of the Year for its role in the transaction of WRL automotive. The awards which feature high profile companies are granted by M&A Advisor on a yearly basis. This time the awards were on their 16th round since M&A Advisor was founded in 2002. The event was held in New York City at the Metropolitan Club. The M&A Advisor Awards are conducted once a year and involve a great number of companies and professionals revolutionizing the industry. It honors companies and individuals who are doing excellent work in acquisitions, financing, mergers, and restructuring of companies.


Speaking at the event, David Ferguson, the president and co-CEO of M&A Advisor congratulated the team at Madison Street Capital for standing out among professionals in the industry. Madison Street Capital was the finalist for another category; Boutique Investment Banking Firm. Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital, congratulated Barry Peterson-the senior managing director who was the lead on the transaction with the WLR Automotive.


The sixteenth M&A Annual Advisor Awards was held together with the M&A Advisor Summit which attracted over 500 professionals. The Summit involved live interactive forums led by academic, industry stalwarts, and media M&A professionals. Other key professionals who were recognized in the Summit were the CEO and Chairman – Winchester capital, Ceaser N. Anquillare who won Leadership Award and Executive director of ACG, Robert Blumenfield who won Inaugural Thomas Farrell Memorial. This was not the first time that the company has won M&A awards. It was a participant in different categories at the 2015 and 2016 M&A Awards where it took a few awards home.


Founded in 2005 by Anthony Marsala and Charles Botchway, Madison Street Capital is a multinational company that advises companies on acquisitions, financing, investment banks, mergers, private equity, restructuring, tax services, venture capital, and valuation. It has branches in Africa, Asia, and the United States. Its top leadership consists of Charles Botchway the CEO, Anthony Marsala the Chief Operating Officer, Jaydip Sinha Managing Director, and Joseph L. Alioto the Managing Director and Head of International Advisory Board. The company’s headquarter offices are in Chicago, Illinois.


Madison Street Capital has a clientele from different industries such as aerospace and defense, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, media, technology, pharmaceuticals, real estate, wholesale and retail trade. It has worked directly with Central Lowa Energy, Bond Medial Group and Fiber Science. The focus of the business is to help both the investors and entrepreneurs or business owners to benefit from a transaction deal. The team at Madison Street Capital are highly trained professionals who can handle clients from small and medium markets. The company believes that the way of doing business has changed these days. It’s no longer easy to get a loan from a bank for financing your business. It also assesses the business from all the aspects; employees, business models, clients, financing, and even the community.


To learn more, visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/.

Fagali’I Airport

The Fagali’I Airport is located in Apia, Samoa. Before 2002, it was only a grassy airstrip, but was paved in July of 2002. The government and citizens of Apia had concerns about the environmental impacts and noise level that the airport brought, but it was decided in 2009 to resume the flight services in an attempt to better serve the Samoans.

Travelers can use this airport to take a direct flight to Pago Pago, American Samoa, just a short one-hour trip. Fagali’I Airport is a very small airport, and is only used for small, eight-seat planes to take off and land. In fact, there are no terminals or gates; it is one small building with a booth used for customs, stamping passports, and checking tickets. The only airline that flies from Fagali’I is Polynesian Airlines, and there are direct flights only to the Pago Pago Airport.

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Food and snacks are not available at the airport itself, but people own shops with small snacks and refreshments close to the area. People coming and going from American Samoa to do business or take trips prefer to use Fagali’I because it is a much shorter distance from Apia than the main, larger airport.

Passengers planning to use the airport can take a bus that runs from downtown Apia, or they can take a taxi. Both fares should be relatively cheap, but taxi drivers are known to try to charge their customers more than is actually correct. There are many options for hotels and accommodations in and around downtown Apia according to dohop.com. Most places to stay are within a few miles of the Fagali’I airport and downtown Apia, but travelers can also stay in nicer hotels and resorts with their own places for activities, such as pools and restaurants. Whether for business or leisure travel, the Fagali’I airport provides a new look at a much different culture.

Learn more about Fagali’i Airport: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fagali%27i

Joe Arpaio’s Court Battle Comes into After Ten Years

Michael and Jim are journalists who have endured so much in their careers. The two have worked for a very long time together, and they have shared crucial information about prominent personalities in the American society. Their career in the journalism world has landed the two journalists in trouble on several occasions.

The challenges they have endured, however, has never affected the career lives of the two friends. Michael and Jim success story in journalism has encouraged other people in the world, especially in the countries where the freedom of the media is discouraged.

Jim and Mike careers changed more than ten years ago when they were arrested in their Phoenix homes. Several armed individuals stormed the homes of the professionals one evening, arrested and detaining them without giving any details to the families.

The men who arrested the journalists were using black vehicles that were registered under the Mexican country. The successful investors did not have an idea that the head of Maricopa County was behind the incident.

The families of the two professionals had to deal with a difficult situation because they did not know what was happening to the loved ones. Members of the public were seriously concerned about incident that took place, and this is why they came together and demonstrated until Mike and his friend were released.

Joe Arpaio, the head of the Maricopa County had always considered himself as a prominent personality who could not be prosecuted by the American law. The leader had even challenged several authorities, saying that he was the most powerful in America.

Joe was angered by some crucial and sensitive information that had been released to the public by Mike and Jim. The journalists published the information in their magazine.

Joe was not a good leader, and he was using his powers as the leader of the county to frustrate prisoners and his juniors. The country did not have professionals who could handle the situation without fear. Joe was feared by the young and old because of the activities he was doing as the head of the county. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://releasefact.com/2017/09/jim-larkin-and-michael-lacey-continue-fight-for-latino-rights-after-pardoning-of-joe-arpaio/ and http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/immigration/2014/12/16/proceeds-arpaio-suit-fund-asu-journalism-chair/20480479/

When Jim and Michael found their way out of jail, they were happy, but they chose to raise the matter in court so that other people in the society do not have to go through the same incidence.

The businessmen felt that if the court handled the case, other incidences in the future would be prevented. Joe and Mike fortunately won the case, and they were even offered a lot of money as compensation. The money acquired from the court case has been used to start a human rights organization that is called the Frontera Fund.

The institution recently announced that Jim and Mike were extremely disappointed because of what the American president had done concerning the court case.

Together with the judge in charge, the president had decided to drop all the charges that have been laid against the former county leader. Jim and Mike said that the president acted without knowledge, and they are highly disappointed with him.

Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Starting at Fabletics and Proceeding to Other Brands

One thing that people do when they shop for something is that they do research. For instance, people that are looking for clothing such as active wear are very likely to run into Fabletics. When they find a brand that they are interested in, then they are going to read about it and learn all they can so that they can know whether or not it is a brand worth shopping at. Among the things customers will learn about a brand is what it is connected to. They will also look at the quality of the different brands.


One thing that is common in fashion is that brands are going to be connected with one another. As a matter of fact, there are brands that are connected to a large company. Each of the brands share some of the same goals as the company that it is connected to. For instance, Fabletics is one of the brands connected to TechStyle Group. The goal of the group is to change the fashion industry towards something that is healthier and more inclusive. One thing that people see about the fashion industry is that it is filled with a lot of problems such as size limits and restrictions.


One thing that Fabletics is doing in order to correct this is to encourage its members to be authentic and go after what they really want. People are slowly learning to not pay too much attention to what other people think. Fabletics is a brand that is built on uniqueness. Therefore, people who are judgmental need not apply. There are tons of customers that can benefit from a diversity of styles. Fabletics makes it so that the customers can look forward to shopping with the company in order to find something that they like and that impresses others.


Fabletics is doing something that no other company is doing. Even Amazon is being outdone by Fabletics because of the individualistic approach of the online fashion retailer. Fabletics has a lot of special ways for members to save money on the items they are looking at to wear to a work out as well as in other aspects of their lives.

The Perfect Marriage

When President Donald Trump pardoned Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio just weeks before Arpaio was to begin serving a jail sentence for contempt of court, journalist Michael Lacey referred to the pardon as “the perfect marriage of two corrupt individuals.”

Throughout his 24-year term as Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio has clung to the spotlight. He repeatedly referred to his “tent city” jail annex as his own personal “concentration camp.”

He launched investigations into anyone who dared criticize his behavior, including elected officials and journalists. During his trial for civil rights violations, he even paid an informant to dig into the background of the presiding judge.

Of his many acts of malfeasance, what finally brought about his downfall was his continuing violations of the civil rights of anyone who even appeared to be Hispanic. The Department of Justice alleged that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office was guilty of “stopping, detaining, and investigating persons of Hispanic ancestry based on their race,” and of retaliating against anyone who dared criticize the Sheriff’s practices.

After trying and failing to reach any agreement with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, the U.S. Department of Justice filed suit against Sheriff Arpaio in May 2012. A parallel lawsuit, Melendres v. Arpaio, was filed by Manuel de Jesus Ortega, who was arrested during a traffic stop and, despite being in possession of a valid U.S. visa, was forcibly detained for several hours.

Judge G. Murray Snow granted a summary judgment in June 2015 against Sheriff Arpaio based on discriminatory policing claims, declaring that Arpaio and his deputies targeted Latinos with racial profiling and illegal detentions.

Judge Snow ordered reforms to Sheriff’s Office procedures and appointed an independent monitor to oversee the execution of those reforms. After eighteen months, the monitor reported that the Sheriff’s Office was only 29 percent in compliance with court orders.

In various public statements, Arpaio remained defiant, bragging that no one could tell him what to do. He ordered a sergeant to confine immigrants without a criminal charge. When the sergeant protested that it would violate the court order, Arpaio demanded that he comply.

In 2016, Arpaio was found to have regularly violated judicial orders and intentionally ignored the court’s rulings. Before the court, Arpaio claimed ignorance of any violations on the grounds that he had little control over procedures and had turned management of the Sheriff’s office over to his deputies. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/ and https://about.me/jim_larkin

Throughout his time in office, Arpaio was dogged by the two co-owners of the Phoenix New Times, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. Arpaio banned New Times reporters from press conferences, ignored their requests for public records, and threatened newspaper employees with arrest.

Lacey and Larkin were pulled from their homes in the middle of the night of October 18, 2007, by plainclothes detectives of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

The public backlash resulting from their arrests resulted in them being released without charge and subsequently being awarded $3.7 million by Maricopa County.

Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

In The World Of Mathematics, Michael Lacey Is Very Highly Regarded

As a mathematics professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology since 1996, Michael Lacey has earned a well-deserved reputation of being a leading expert in several advanced fields of mathematics.

As a person whose college thesis pertained to mathematical topics such as normed vector spaces and iterated logarithms, Michael Lacey is an educator whose brilliance in mathematics has been expanding through the years.

Michael Lacey received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas and earned a PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Mr. Lacey and Walter Philipp achieved a major accomplishment in the field of probability theory, while Mr. Lacey was an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The scholars presented their validation of the almost certain central limit theorem, which concerns the normal distribution of independent random variables.

The author of more than 50 published mathematics papers, Michael Lacey maintains extensive experience with administering training grants from the National Science Foundation. Learn more about Michael Lacey: https://www.math.gatech.edu/people/michael-lacey and https://www.genealogy.math.ndsu.nodak.edu/id.php?id=62509

This esteemed mathematician has held a number of short-term and visiting positions at educational institutions worldwide and has served as a member of several service committees.

Michael Lacey’s research skills have garnered various awards including a Postdoctoral Fellow designation from the NSF, as well a prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship. In 1996, Mr. Lacey and Christoph Thiele were the co-recipients of the distinguished Salem Prize.

An interesting and in-demand public speaker, Michael Lacey given lectures and professional talks at seminars, conferences and colloquiums around the world. Mr. Lacey has also been a mentor to many undergraduate and post-doctoral students during his career.

Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Has Redefined Online Retail

If you ask Kate Hudson about her passion in life, she’ll tell you that she’s an actress above all else. Still, Hudson has managed to turn her start-up into a world-renowned brand that’s currently worth about $235 million. By turning Fabletics, her athleisure brand that began as an internet-based subscription service, into a fashion empire, the actress has demonstrated that she’s as competent as a businesswoman as she is a movie star.


The success of Fabletics is the result of Hudson’s devotion to understanding the modern consumer. For one thing, the brand started out following the subscription service model. For a small monthly fee, customers receive a complete workout outfit that is catered to their unique tastes. This eliminates the need for customers to spend hours searching through a lengthy online catalog in order to pick out an item that suits their individual style. In today’s fast-paced society, modern consumers appreciate this convenient approach to shopping for clothes.


Hudson has also proven that she knows how to market to the millennial generation. Statistics show that today’s millennial consumers are significantly more likely to purchase from a brand if they see positive reviews. Hudson has found a way to feature the brand’s massive list of positive reviews as a marketing strategy.


Perhaps, companies like Yelp and Google are responsible for this shift in how millennials determine whether or not a product is worth their money. For example, studies show that more restaurant diners check online reviews before settling on a place to eat than ever before. This same principle applies to retail. However, few businesses have found a way to use this to their advantage. Hudson, on the other hand, has used Fabletics’ positive reviews to boost revenue and increase traffic. In addition to encouraging customers to leave reviews, she proudly displays positive reviews on the brand’s various social media pages.


While fashion experts are declaring that the athleisure trend is over, Fabletics continues to grow in revenue. This is partly because of the value of Fabletics apparel. Items featured on the brand’s website are incredibly affordable while exceptional in quality. However, it can’t be denied that Hudson’s persona helps boost sales. Her social media presence has proven that her likability makes her the perfect face for a retail brand.


Hudson’s business partners can’t stop singing her praises. She has been heavily involved in the brand’s daily operations since day one. Hudson herself is credited as the innovator of the brand’s most successful marketing strategies. The actress even spends time overseeing the designing process of the brand’s apparel items, ensuring that every item is both stylish and high in quality. Her own affinity to athletic apparel, as demonstrated on her enormously popular Instagram account, guarantees that the design process is always fresh and exciting for her.


Although Hudson considers herself an actress first, her business savvy proves that she’s got quite a few tricks up her sleeve. Fabletics has grown by over 200 percent since its 2013 launch while other athletic apparel brands are losing steam. Clearly, she’s a natural entrepreneur who is transforming the way that we approach online retail.

Nathaniel Ru

During a Wharton Marketing Conference, Ru narrated the establishment of Sweetgreen company. It was due to the challenge of identifying a fun, easy and healthy place for their meals while in Washington, Georgetown University. The solution to Nathaniel Ru and his friends trouble laid on M street in a 560 square foot tavern at the center of the downtown site.

Journey to Establishment

They identified a tavern space within the M street that belonged to the same landlord who owned an apartment around the place Ru and his friends resided. They approached the property-owner and explained their intentions. At the moment the young entrepreneurs had prepared a business plan, but the landlord advised them to consult more and present a real projection. She was a mentor to the young college seniors, and they are grateful for the input.

Business Expansion

Sweetgreen has several stores in New York, Boston, Washington, and Philadelphia. With all ingredients supplied by the local agriculturalists, Sweetgreen provides fresh and healthy food. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: http://bitsylink.com/2017/07/27/nathaniel-ru-talks-about-sweetgreens/

The head of digital marketing Theresa Dold emphasizes that Sweetgreen was established with a purpose. Besides the provision of salad, the firm has an excellent juice line. Also, it does not only offer food but also focus on being sexy, social, local and smart.

All the Sweetgreen stores must uphold the company core values and provide services to the community around. Through the firm long-term plans and actions, they managed to be a lifestyle brand. Sweetgreen aims at making an impact. The company way of trading is offering the best to win referrals, and that’s how they attract growth.

Embracing Technology

Sweetgreen has implemented a mobile payment app, which enables customers to make payments at the counter. Clients can also transact through credit cards or cash.

However, paying through the mobile app earns the customer points renewed after accumulating to $100. One can use them to enroll in the Sweetgreen school program that educates individuals on healthy eating.

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru the co-founders of Sweetgreen, a high-grade salad company with over 40 restaurants featured among the front-runners in food and wine industry.

The trio founders of Sweetgreen Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jamme, and Jonathan Neman worked together to transform the food industry. According to Ru, the existence of Sweetgreen is to feed clients better. Ru advice to young entrepreneurs is to make sure they focus on developing something that is superior to themselves. Aiming higher allows businesses to stand firm even when faced with challenges.

Ru focuses on decentralizing Sweetgreen operations to avoid reliance on the head offices. He plans to distribute the company policy. Decentralization will ease headquarters operations and enable it to concentrate more on issues that affect the company owners.

They will be able to focus better on the company development plans. The entrepreneur is also a vital speaker at most business conferences. RU values trust and human connection and make sure his business gets furnished with the newest technology.