Best Hair Agent For A Fabulous Hair

The best shampoo and conditioner agent can be used by almost anyone I guess is WEN by Chaz hair products. Upon reading an article on Bustle, the user of the hair product testified great results on her hair and recommend to style it post-shower. From day 1 to day 7 her hair looked great. Natural oils stayed while it cleansed the hair. It was easy to style and was fabulous. The results were already showing on the first 3 days, and concluded that on day 7, she was still wants to use the conditioner again.

Wen by Chaz hair products are unique when it comes to cleansing. It uses conditioner to clean your hair without using shampoo. It cleanses without getting rid of the hair’s natural oils and it doesn’t dry out the hair or become frizzy.

They also have products for different types of hair such as thick or thinning hair, dry or over processed hair, and all hair types. Wen by Chaz actually works and is good at cleansing for a fabulous result everyday.

You’re invited to try their hair care products by visiting the exclusive website, Chaz Dean store ( or visiting the beauty care aisle of select retailers like QVC today.

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The Ideals That Led To The Success Of Nabors Industries Antony Petrello

One of the largest companies in the petroleum sector is Nabors Industries. The company has been around for a number of decades and the man who has been the president and CEO for the past decade is Antony D Petrello. He rose to the position after working diligently in several other junior positions.

These include the period between 1979 and 1991 when he was the Chief Officer of operation at the company. Not many people were shocked about his appointment to the current position because many people know him as a hard worker and most importantly, a very innovative thinker and problem solver.

There are other companies that he has worked with. These include the McKenzie and Barker Law Firm where he really got the chance to prove the excellence of his leadership skills. It was during his stay with this company that he learned the benefits that come with selecting the right team of people to help him on his mission to transform the industry he is working in. Some of the team mates that he is presently working with include Carina Gillenwater, Mark Andrews and Restrepo William.

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The journey to the top
Antony is a graduate of Harvard where he studied law. After completing law school, he enrolled in Yale and studied mathematics at both the Bachelors and masters levels. His career started off in a law firm but he quit and joined Nabors. He has worked through the ranks to the current position.

Philanthropic initiatives
One of the charities that he works with is the Texas Children’s Hospital, where he has been a member of the board for the longest time. The objective of the hospital is getting therapies and treatments for children who have neurological disorders. Anthony Petrello is a very inspirational role model in the society that he interacts with.

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Securus Challenge to Global Tel Link (GTL)

Customers will no longer struggle to know which company between Securus Technologies and Global Tel Link (GTL) is the best. This comes after Securus Technologies tossed a challenge to its main competitor GTL to have the two companies evaluated by an independent judge. The judge will then make a decision to prove, which company is the best. Both companies will be evaluated in terms of product sets, customer service models, capital and expense platform, and calling platforms. Chief Executive Officer at Securus Technologies Richard A. Smith has indicated it is not fair to compare the two companies. He believes Securus has made a huge investment of over $700 million yet GTL has only invested a small fraction.


I am a client of Securus and I believe after the historic ruling, more customers will join Securus. Over the years, I have seen Securus acquiring companies, investing heavily in technology and building a state-of-the-art technology to improve customer care. However, I will have to be in the wait-and-see mood to see how the challenge will go about and if GTL will accept to be humiliated in public.


Comparing Securus and GTL


The customer service at Securus is just awesome. Every time I call in, I find someone who is friendly and ready to answer. However, previously GTL has indicated it outsources its customer service. Securus has a team of professionals who serve as field technicians. On the other hand, GTL contracts people who are poorly informed and have no interest in the customer satisfaction. I believe this is the reason why I never feel like leaving Securus. I, therefore, support Smith when he says some customers who shifted from GTL to Securus said Securus is better. Smith has thus challenged GTL to take the challenge bake off.