George Soros: From a Humble Beginning to a Billionaire and Philanthropist

George Soros, the well-known hedge fund manager and billionaire, is admired by the people for his philanthropic contributions and his political and social activism that are aimed to create a community that is driven by equality. He disapproves any type of discrimination and fights against all the odds in the society. Interestingly, Soros has set up open society foundations across the world which carries the message of everyone expressing their opinion without any bias and creating a community of equals. He is a staunch critic of President Donald Trump and his divisive policies. Soros fears that the closed market policies of Trump and hatred speeches and actions towards ethnic minorities can cause significant consequences in future. Read more about George’s life story at

Soros had a humble beginning and born in Hungary as the son of non-practicing Jews in 1930. He and his family escaped the Holocaust and relocated to England, where he enrolled at London School of Economics. During that time, Soros started reading the books Karl Popper, the Viennese-born philosopher, whom Soros describe as his “spiritual mentor.” Through Pooper’s works, Soros came to know about open societies which became a major thought for his activism for the rest of his life. An open society formulates universal principles, looking for the welfare of every human being, and rejecting any “closed societies.” Soros started his career with a London-based brokerage firm called Singer and Friedlander. Later, he relocated to New York and began working as a stock trader on Wall Street. In the year 1969, he established Double Eagle Fund with a capital of $4 million. Read his profile at Forbes.

After four years, Soros established Soros Fund Management, and it grew consistently in the market and reached $1 billion value by 1985. Ever since he tasted his success in his ventures, Soros was very keen on charitable contributions and his open society foundations. It is surprising to know that he was spending as many as $300 million a year for various philanthropic activities by 1993. In the initial years, George Soros gave more importance to Central Asia and Eastern Europe. His open society foundations have a foothold in at least 70 countries as of today.

Soros was influential to a number of organizations which shaped the societies around the world. He played a crucial role in the democratic processing in Eastern Europe and contributed to the education, healthcare, and support for children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds in U.S. and around the world. Currently, he has a fortune of $25.2 billion, and his Soros Fund Management has assets more than $30 billion. The charitable contributions of Soros amount to more than $13 billion until the day. He earned most of his fortunes through risky currency trade business, and he invests in all the major financial markets around the world.

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Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is a leader in the alternative sources of financial solutions. For the company, they always engage in issuing fast money through the use of stocks as the main collateral behind the loans. In the end, you will get the best solution for business. Equities First Holdings has also seen more traction in the use of stocks to secure personal and company loans. During the harsh economic seasons, banks and other companies have tightened their lending capabilities to have few people qualify for the loans. During this season, many people engage in the issues accessibilities.

Credit-based loans are characterized by high-interest rates to have most people scared away from applying. During these times, no one is activated in management capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled n the industry. Banks, during this time, have fewer people applying for the loans due to the scary interest rates. As a matter of fact, we can never engage in attention matters to activate business profiles. For borrowers who want to raise more money during this time, they must seek alternative sources of finance. Equities First Holdings is now one of the trusted companies dealing in the issuance of money using stocks and Equities First’s lacrosse camp.

Credit-based loans are characterized by high-interest rates, tightened loan qualification methods, and a decreased lending capability. Al Christy is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Equities First Holdings. When he founded the company in 2002, he was determined to have its business spread in all parts of the world. For the individuals seeking fast working money, they can consider Equities First Holdings as the best source. There is an increased intake of stock-based loans due to the activated business profiles and read full article.

Stock-based loans have a higher-loan-to-value ratio than the credit-based loans. While many people think that margin loans are seamless with stock-based loans, many differences are associated with these loans. For the stock-based loans, you are not required to state the use of the loan to qualify.

Capital Group Is Growing Under New Leadership

In a recent article that was posted to the CNBC website, Timothy Armour discusses the recent strategy Warren Buffett took to outline why his method of investing is better than the method that the top hedge fund managers take.

Warren Buffett bets $1 million that his method would see better return in one year than the competitors. His strategy involved investing in the S&P 500 passive fund index. Mr. Buffett won his bet, but Timothy Armour disagrees that his strategy is the best for the average investor that is planning on soon retiring or is already retired. His reasoning is that the passive index fund can greatly fluctuate and offers no protection for any investments that are made within it. Average people have the potential to lose large sums, which in his opinion is not a practical or safe option for people with limited resources that depend on the returns of their investments to live on after their retirement.

Timothy Armour is currently the CEO of Capital Group. He serves as Chairman of the company, as well as serving as the principal executive offered and Chairman of Capital Research and Management Company. Armour is the Chairman of Capital Group Companies Management Committee. He takes a very hands-on approach to management and still serves the company as an equity portfolio manager.

Tim Armour has spent his entire professional career with Capital Group, which spans a period of over thirty-four years. He was elected to serve Capital Group after his predecessor unexpectedly resigned, and a month later passed away. Tim Armour attended Middlebury College where he received his bachelor’s degree in economics and later entered the Associate’s program at Capital Group.

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EOS Changes Oral Care

Taking care of your lips has long been a part of grooming, especially for females. For years buying lip balm required going down the isle of a store and picking out some Chapstick. There were not many options for flavor and not much competition in this space.

Times began to change a few years back. EOS lip balm began to pile up in many stores. In a recent interview with Fast Company, EOS revealed how they how they created a $250 million company. EOS has driven growth in the oral care category all by itself. The Lip balm company has rethought the oral care business just like other companies have done in their categories in the past.

EOS began focusing their products on women. They rethought everything from how the package was made to how it appealed to all five senses. The company even used social media formats like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to help market their product. All the thought and hardwork has paid off. They have built a brand that is very competitive and even forced other companies to produce copycats in an effort to compete. EOS has quite simply changed the way people take care of their lips. Their presence will continue to be felt in the market for many years to come.

Equities First Solutions for the Long-Term Fiscal Challenges

The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) precipitated the global great recession of 2008 has highly subsided. Generally, the capital markets are operating smoothly, and has seeing restoring of liquidity including new initiatives toward monetary regulation aimed at minimizing the likelihood of recurrence. Nevertheless, the crisis effects are still on. For instance, several leading economies are getting it hard to regain sustainable levels of economic growth despite of the low government interest rates. More so, huge government budget deficits initiated by recession, and attributed to economic challenges and expansionary fiscal mechanisms aimed at stopping it have left even more advanced economies fighting with great amounts of national debts compared with what they just had a couple of years ago. Businesses are finding it good to seek for alternative lending solutions whereby potential investors are running for stock-based loans. Equities First is at the core of offering loans secured by stock and the trend has really increased over the years.

In confronting various serious and remaining economic problems, advanced economies have faced more fiscal pressure. The pressure originates from increased debt-to-GDP ratios (which have gotten big attention) but also from highly unassociated fiscal problems in the long haul. They can be blamed to demographic change, high costs of age-associated social insurance among other spending programs. While, the focus to manage the short-term debt burden may assist in avoiding such crises, policy and attention policies should eventually seek for longer-term fiscal solutions. Getting stock-based loans has become the order of the day. There is a suggestion that many economies facing fiscal problems ought to tackle the prior debts as their key priority. The primary deficit obligations are essentially related with the expense of offering healthcare and pensions in the look of extending old-age dependency ratios. Such health and demographic deficits bring various predicaments towards the implementation and formulation of future fiscal adjustments. Equities First has been on the lead to make it easy for investors to acquire stock loans that come with various merits as compared to conventional loans and learn more about Equities First.

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Changing Political Funding With End Citizens United

The End Citizens United PAC is one I have been very impressed by over the course of the last few years since the group was formed in 2015 with a sole aim of overturning the unfair Citizens United ruling of 2010. End Citizens United has been working towards this aim since just 2015 when citizens like myself began to become concerned about reports of huge levels of donations pouring in to candidates on both sides of the political spectrum in the U.S. I share many of the concerns of End Citizens United that the corruption that is made possible by the ruling could see the people of the U.S. sidelined in a political sense in favor of a ruling elite of donors who have the financial muscle to back candidates sharing their political outlook on the world.


End Citizens United have been picking their way through the minefield that is political finances and elections in the 21st century and impressed me with their own adaptability over the way they conduct campaigns. As a young PAC, End Citizens United has recently been looking to build ties with other political groups that share its ambitions for overturning the Citizens United decision and allow cross group ties to be built that can benefit groups who have a similar political outlook on the world; I believe the divisive nomination of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos played a key role in focusing the End Citizens United group on building bridges with their fellow left leaning political groups who the group now work alongside to fight for the rights of millions of American’s.


Tiffany Muller, President of the End Citizens United PAC revealed her belief the rise in campaign contributions that recently hit $4 million over the course of just three months at the start of 2017 is based on the chance to fight back against the rise of wealthy donors and the political right wing across the U.S. In my own opinion, I believe Tiffany Muller is correct in her own view of why the End Citizens United group has become so successful in such a short space of time; the political engagement of younger people has rarely been higher as the battle against wealthy political donors has become a major part of the work completed by the PAC. The rise of the Super PAC groups has become a major part of the work of End Citizens United who are fighting to make sure the public always has a view of who is backing major Super PAC’s and which candidates for office at each and every level of the U.S. political landscape are working to bring fairness back to the political landscape of the U.S.