The History, Working Process And Types Of Trabuco

Trabuco is a distinctive kind of a weapon used in the Middle Ages. It was used to crush or crack enemy walls during wars. Additionally, the Trabuco was used to shoot fireball projectiles to enemy territories. The weapon is known as the balancing Trabuco because it shares its name with other weapons, such as the traction Trabuco, which was developed before the balancing Trabuco. Shotguns and old manufactured revolvers are known as Trabuco in Brazil.

The History of Trabuco

The Chinese originated with the Trabuco according to The Europeans were among the first people to use the weapon. They believed that the Trabuco was an efficient and truly terrifying weapon. The Chinese invented the Trabuco in 400BC before bringing it to Europe in 600AD. The weapon was later abandoned after gunpowder invention on Today, the weapon is used to teach principles of mechanics. Additionally, it is put in museums to explain how ancient communities used it to conquer their enemies.

The Working Process of Trabuco

The weapon’s mechanism of work entails the conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy. It comprises of five basic parts, including the beam, counterweight, the frame, guide chute, and sling. The frame provides support to the other components. The size of the counterweight is directly proportional to the velocity of the projectile. This implies that bigger counterweights launch stronger projectiles and vice versa. Some Trabuco had troughs just below the swing arm for easy projectiles loading and to help guide projectiles when launching.

The Tensile and Hybrid Trabuco

Initially, the tensile Trabuco was human operated. It was rarely used because it needed many operators. The tensile Trabuco could project up to four shots in a minute making it powerful and efficient. In spite of this advantage, the tensile Trabuco had some disadvantages. For instance, it was difficult to control the many operators. The tensile Trabuco was later taken to the Middle East by Arab merchants where it was refined by adding some weight to its short arm end. The Europeans liked the hybrid Trabuco and borrowed the idea after coming across the new weapon during the crusades. Hybrid Trabuco machines could hurl stones to longer distances.

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