Daniel Taub – AM

While many Western countries are praising the recent Geneva accord concerning Iran’s desire to acquire a nuclear program, people like Daniel Taub are highly opposed stating that it will do little good in dissuading Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Daniel Taub is an Israeli Ambassador to the UK. The sponsors of the bill are touting it as one of the most significant deals in the history of the Islamic State since 1979 despite the protests of many in the Middle East and other countries.

Daniel Taub does not think Iran will even be slowed down from purchasing its first nuclear bomb because of the deal and doesn’t think the Geneva accord was enough as it didn’t include everything that was needed for the safety of Israel and the surrounding countries in the Middle East.

The accord did not remove any of the equipment that Iran already possesses that is required for nuclear capabilities and still allowed for nuclear enrichment in exchange for UN inspections and the easing of certain sanctions that had been in place concerning Iran. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://askreporter.com/2017/09/religion-should-have-a-place-at-the-negotiating-table-says-israeli-negotiator-daniel-taub/ and https://www.thejc.com/lifestyle/features/farewell-mr-ambassador-interview-with-daniel-taub-1.67939

While the West insists that the accord does not ensure the right to Uranium enrichment for Iran, Iran highly disagrees as the different parties have different interpretations of the bill. Daniel Taub fears that these differences in interpretation will lead to problems when the accord is actually being enacted.

In Israel, there are many citizens who are very angry towards the UN for signing this bill. In fact, many believe that if there is a nuclear attack on Israel from Iran it will be due to the accord not providing the protection that Israel and surrounding countries need from Iran’s potential or nuclear weapons.

While the accord may have restricted Iran to not having Uranium that is enriched to over 5 percent, without the removal of their equipment like a large centrifuge they can easily enrich lower percentage uranium to weapons-grade. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

While focusing on uranium enrichment a few years ago may have been important, it doesn’t need to be as large of a focus if the UN is still allowing them to possess and use this equipment that Daniel Taub is opposed to.

While the West has portrayed the current president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, as a relative moderate the people of Israel highly disagree.

While he may not be as strictly conservative as the past president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who was a staunch Halocaust denier, he is still believed to be dangerous.

Jobs Available At Sussex Healthcare Place An Emphasis On Quality Patient Service

As part of their ongoing efforts to provide senior adults with the type of physical activity they need to keep their bones and muscles healthy, Sussex Healthcare opened a new gym and fitness center. This agency is known for the leading edge services they provide to older adults who often suffer from neurological conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. The new gym is equipped with everything from free weights to elliptical trainers and underwater treadmills. It even has a full size swimming pool. As with all of their residential care facilities, the new gym and fitness center is staffed with qualified professionals who specialize in physical training and care for seniors.

As an independent service for adult living, Sussex Healthcare has been helping older adults in the United Kingdom’s region of Sussex for more than 25 years. This organization currently operates 20 residential homes located throughout the areas of East and West Sussex. In 2002, Sussex Healthcare obtained accreditation from the U.K.’s Health Quality Service board. By 2005 they had achieved an international standard ISO of 9000:2000 for quality management, which made them the only independent healthcare service in the U.K. to obtain dual accreditation.

As an organization that places a high emphasis on quality patient care, the leaders behind Sussex Healthcare look to hire management personnel who excel in their respective fields. This is evident in the company’s recent addition to their staff with the hiring of their new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor. Ms. Morgan-Taylor has extensive experience in the areas of quality development and management. She has also worked as a mental health nurse and is aware of the special needs senior adults often have.

Although Sussex Healthcare has filled the position of CEO, they still have many open positions for qualified individuals. Some of these include Deputy Care Home Manager positions for their independent living facilities. The duties of this position entail coordinating all managing aspects of the care home by reporting and assisting the Registered Manager. This position is open to qualified Registered Nurses who are interested in moving into a leadership role. This organization also has several openings for Senior Care Assistants for various homes located throughout the Sussex area. The position available at Beech Lodge, Horsham has a specific focus on working with younger adults who have learning disabilities as well as physical disabilities. Sussex Healthcare provides training for this position to qualified individuals who have their level 3 NVQ.

Find more about Sussex Healthcare: http://www.neuprofessionals.com/clients/surrey-and-sussex-healthcare-nhs-trust/

Madison street capital

On November 13th, 2017, Madison Street Capital was awarded Debt Financing Deal of the Year for its role in the transaction of WRL automotive. The awards which feature high profile companies are granted by M&A Advisor on a yearly basis. This time the awards were on their 16th round since M&A Advisor was founded in 2002. The event was held in New York City at the Metropolitan Club. The M&A Advisor Awards are conducted once a year and involve a great number of companies and professionals revolutionizing the industry. It honors companies and individuals who are doing excellent work in acquisitions, financing, mergers, and restructuring of companies.


Speaking at the event, David Ferguson, the president and co-CEO of M&A Advisor congratulated the team at Madison Street Capital for standing out among professionals in the industry. Madison Street Capital was the finalist for another category; Boutique Investment Banking Firm. Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital, congratulated Barry Peterson-the senior managing director who was the lead on the transaction with the WLR Automotive.


The sixteenth M&A Annual Advisor Awards was held together with the M&A Advisor Summit which attracted over 500 professionals. The Summit involved live interactive forums led by academic, industry stalwarts, and media M&A professionals. Other key professionals who were recognized in the Summit were the CEO and Chairman – Winchester capital, Ceaser N. Anquillare who won Leadership Award and Executive director of ACG, Robert Blumenfield who won Inaugural Thomas Farrell Memorial. This was not the first time that the company has won M&A awards. It was a participant in different categories at the 2015 and 2016 M&A Awards where it took a few awards home.


Founded in 2005 by Anthony Marsala and Charles Botchway, Madison Street Capital is a multinational company that advises companies on acquisitions, financing, investment banks, mergers, private equity, restructuring, tax services, venture capital, and valuation. It has branches in Africa, Asia, and the United States. Its top leadership consists of Charles Botchway the CEO, Anthony Marsala the Chief Operating Officer, Jaydip Sinha Managing Director, and Joseph L. Alioto the Managing Director and Head of International Advisory Board. The company’s headquarter offices are in Chicago, Illinois.


Madison Street Capital has a clientele from different industries such as aerospace and defense, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, media, technology, pharmaceuticals, real estate, wholesale and retail trade. It has worked directly with Central Lowa Energy, Bond Medial Group and Fiber Science. The focus of the business is to help both the investors and entrepreneurs or business owners to benefit from a transaction deal. The team at Madison Street Capital are highly trained professionals who can handle clients from small and medium markets. The company believes that the way of doing business has changed these days. It’s no longer easy to get a loan from a bank for financing your business. It also assesses the business from all the aspects; employees, business models, clients, financing, and even the community.


To learn more, visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/.