Hyland’s Homeopathic Baby Pain Relief Tablets Address More Than Teething Pain

Hyland’s is a family-owned company established in 1903. It is known as the number one over the counter homeopathic company in North America. It has stood the test of time. Hyland’s products are prepared under very strict standards of preparation and includes high quality ingredients. Because Hyland’s is committed to the whole family, mothers rely on these products to treat the whole family from babies to the elders.

Hyland’s Homeopathic Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets address more than teething pain.

These tablets dissolve quickly and easily and address swelling, sore gums, oral discomfort and teething pain.

The active ingredients are Ferrum Phosphoricum 12X, the first line of defense. It is used in the first stage of illness. It fights inflammation and the other remedies fall in line to provide additional healing. Arnica Montana 30x fights against bruising and sore gums and relieves low fever states and oral trauma. Calcarea Carbonica 12x helps with swelling, inflamed gums, pain and mouth sensitivity. Calcarea Phosphorica 12x addresses swelling, pain in the mouth and promotes bone growth. Chamomilla 12x fights mouth pain and helps to heal general mouth difficulties. Coffee Cruda 6x addresses pain.

Please remember that for all of your remedies needs Hyland’s homeopathic products

are there for you. This company has worked very hard to provide natural medicine with very few side effects. These natural remedies help work for most people of all ages.

The immune system of babies, adults and our older generation has been helped to heal and balance with these remedies.