Life Experiences of Alastair Borthwick

In 1913, Alastair Borthwick was born in Rutherglen; he later went to Glasgow where he attended Glasgow high school. He was a member of Officer Training Corps (OTC), a club that aims at developing the leadership abilities and also giving the opportunity to take part in the military. Author Borthwick left school at the age of sixteen to serve as a delivery person for the Evening Times newspaper published from Monday to Saturday in Glasgow, Scotland. Later, Alastair secured a job at the Glasgow Weekly Herald Newspaper where he wrote various topics including the front page and women and children pages. He compiled a crossword for the newspaper. While working for Herald Borthwick discovered the rock climbing activity which was gaining popularity among the youth working with Glaswegians.

Rock climbing activity inspired Alastair Borthwick to write his first book known as “Always a Little Further ˮ published in 1938. The book captured the be the origin of “grass root ˮ movement in the Scottish hills which was carried out by both employed and unemployed people of Glasgow and Clydebank. Borthwick was more concerned with the personalities of the new climbers.

In 1934, Alastair Borthwick went for an interview at the BBC. The interviewer James Ferguson was intrigued by Borthwick participation in climbing. As a result, Borthwick was given a 15- minute talk on the radio to discuss his rock climbing experience. At the time of the conversation, Borthwick explained how climbing is done, and this proved his talent for broadcasting. This radio talk was the beginning of his long-term association with the radio and television broadcast.

While still working as a broadcast, Alastair Borthwick participated in other jobs such as being the chair for the Empire Exhibition press club in 1938 where he was to perform a radio commentary. His most demanding job employment was when he became an intelligence officer for the military during the Second World War. He was allocated to the 5th Seaforth Highlanders where he experienced much. Alastair Borthwick and his fellow Seaforth would go for many miles across North Africa and Europe during the El Alamein battle. They also took part in in the conquest of Sicily after the defeat of Rommel. Alastair’s book Life Among the Scots is available on Amazon.

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