Marathon Pharmaceuticals – Focusing on Drugs for Those Having Rare Diseases

With offices in Illinois, Northbrook, New Jersey, and Chicago, the mission of Marathon Pharmaceuticals is working with patients with unmet medical needs or rare diseases. While many pharmaceutical companies are focusing on large-scale treatments and medicines for diseases that are easy to manufacture, MarathonPharmaceuticals is specializing in small-volume and difficult-to-manufacture solutions for patients. Patients with rare diseases usually have few treatment options. Marathon Pharmaceuticals recognizes the needs of these patients.


Recently, the company made an announcement about the Marathon Bioscience Center opening, which will be serving as a channel for the development of the latest therapies for movement disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, endocrine deficiencies, central nervous system diseases, and cancer.


The staff at Marathon Pharmaceuticals’ new Bioscience Center is highly experienced and composed of research, regulatory, and clinical professionals. This Bioscience Center puts the company’s new operations near MATTER, which is a hub for healthcare and biotechnology startups. Merchandise Mart, MATTER is located in Chicago, and it’s home to more than 200 startups working with hospitals and healthcare professionals to fight with complex medical problems.


ZiNGO Launch


Marathon’s most popular product launch is ZiNGO (lidocaine hydrochloride monohydrate), a powder intradermal injection system. It’s a needle-free and easy-to-use device used in delivering local anaesthetic for the purpose of managing venous access pain. ZiNGO is geared towards kids ages 3 to 18, experiencing the worst anxiety at the time of needle insertions.


This hand-held, single-use device does not need refrigeration. Just with the push of one button, the product delivers a dosage of 0.5 mg of powdered lidocaine (Xylocaine) to the application area. The lidocaine particles are then transferred through your skin through the use of a helium-powered delivery system.


The product numbs the application area within 1-3 minutes, thus medical providers can use ZiNGO during procedures without having to interrupt care. Also, there is no need of worrying about the effects lasting for a long period because the lidocaine powder will diminish after ten minutes.


To market and distribute this product, Marathon partnered with Medline, which is a global distributor of clinical solutions and medical supplies. The collaboration brought together the best healthcare professionals in the industry focused on patient care.


Paul Mampilly, Jeff Yastine, Matt Badiali and Several Others Set to Appear on This Year’s Total Wealth Symposium

All investors worldwide are urged to make their way to this year’s total wealth symposium. The event which is held annually and led by experts like Jeff Yastine, Paul Mampilly and many others, often addresses vital issues directly or indirectly affecting the world of investors thus helping them maximize their profits. According to statistics, investors who attended last year’s symposium maximized their profits by 1665% and this year; the experts are aiming at helping those who participate gain profits worth $1 million and above by the end of next year. During last year’s event, Mampilly and Jeff Yastine addressed the issue of cybersecurity, which according to various experts, is one of the most pressing issues in the business world as it tends to impact the corporate arena more than any other scope. There have been speculations that the issue will also be addressed this year.

Some of the guest speakers lined up for investors include; Paul Mampilly, Ian King, Jeff Yastine, Ted Bauman and Matt Badiali. All of them boast lucrative careers in the realm of finance making them the ideal experts to have on a business symposium panel. For instance, Paul Mampilly is a seasoned stocks guru who dispenses his financial acumen using Profits unlimited. His insights on the best stocks always work as he invests time in analyzing and researching the most viable stocks. His rich financial accuracy can be attributed to his past experiences as a portfolio manager in various Wall Street companies.

On the other hand, Jeff Yastine is a skilled journalist who throughout his career has interacted and interviewed some of the greatest business minds like Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, Michael Dell, Steve Ballmer and many others, thereby gaining business proficiency. Today, through total wealth insider, Jeff offers insights on the most profitable companies. In a nutshell, all the individuals lined up for the symposium are a big deal in the finance arena and what’s even better, is that investors have a chance to meet, greet and interact with them personally. Additionally, there will be more notable names from the protection arena such as Chris Gaffney, Eric Roseman and Rob Vrijhof.

Who is Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an Indian-American investment expert famed for his rich finance acumen. He boasts experience from Wall Street having worked for various A-level companies such as Bankers trust, ING and Kinetics asset management. Paul is a Templeton Foundation award winner and is a senior editor at Banyan Hill where he is the CEO of Profits Unlimited among other newsletters.

Tony Petrello Throws A Party To Welcome Tommy Tune Back To Houston

About Tony Petrello
Tony is the chairman of the boar, chief executive officer, and the president of Nabors Industries. Nabors is currently the leading and oil and gas company. He is a Visionary person who is dedicated to providing success through his business insights to better the lives of citizens living in Houston.

The energy company operates in the United States, the Middle East, Africa, and the Far East. Mr. Petrello has played a significant role in overseeing the success and development of Nabors oil and gas company.

Anthony Petrello joined Nabors Industries as a Chief Operating Officer in 1991. In 2002, he was elected as the CEO and the president of the firm. The following year, he became the deputy chair of the board governing the firm. In 2012, he was announced as the new chairman of Nabors Industries.

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Apart from having a successful career, Tony Petrello is a community leader who helps the needy citizens in Houston. Together with his wife, they have created the Petrello Family Foundation.

Tony Petrello together with his wife Cynthia decided to host a cocktail reception party in their home in Houston to welcome and honor the Broadway legend Tommy Tune. Tommy Tune was born in Houston and had been back to put up a 5,000 show for his fans. Even though his success, Tune has never forgotten his home again in Houston.

Cynthia is a stage and screen actress. Moreover, she is a design model but has a philanthropic passion of giving back to Houston. She recently won the Stellar Award due to her humanitarian mission and activities. On the other hand, Tommy Tune lives in New York, but he has deep roots in Houston. He went to school and graduated from a high school and college in Houston.

Houston was thrilled to welcome their own made talented artist. As a result, Tony Petrello and Cynthia decided to put a party to honor his homecoming. The event was graced by 50 guests who sipped cocktail as they strolled around the exquisite Tony’s Mansion with plenty of music. The welcome party was an ideal tribute to Tommy Tune’s roots in Texas.


Chief Executive Officer Of Bradesco Bank; Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the current CEO of Bradesco bank. He was born in Marilia town, Brazil in 1951. His family also had professionals in finance; his parents worked in various banking institutions located in Brazil. This made Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi gain detailed insights and capability to do his jobs around the banking firms. Luiz got his high motivations from the achievements and success that his parents got at their time in the banking sector.

His Career and Achievements
Luiz Carlos Trabuco went to the University of Sao Paulo, where he completed his bachelor’s degree in philosophy, science, and letter. He later graduated with another degree in socio-psychology and politics from the University of Penteado Foundation. During the time he was still in college, Luiz Carlos Trabuco got motivation in understanding how the market’s dynamism works. In 2003, Bradesco Seguros appointed him to become the head of the marketing department. During his time in the marketing sector, the bank increased its revenues by 30 percent in Bradesco Seguros. The tremendous achievement got him another appointment as the president of the company. During his tenure, it became apparent that Luiz Carlos Trabuco is among the few professionals that value the developments of their career.

For many years of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s professional experience at Bradesco, he has made a lot of great contributions towards the bank’s success by giving out best solutions to the institutions and the municipalities that he served. Working with Luiz Carlos Trabuco is proven by many people to be of great benefit more so if one wants to make extra money in banking and insurance. He has taken many leadership posts in Bradesco, advancing the capabilities of business in aiming of sophisticated development solutions in the market. Bradesco Bank is one of the largest banks in Brazil, and still among the most successful private companies.

His lucrative deal that left everyone talking
2015 was one of the best years for Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the whole corporate world in Brazil talked about him. The prominent leader made a lucrative deal in which he initiated the purchase of HBSC’s Brazilian branch. The deal became a major subject of discussion not only because of its promising revenue impact on the company but as a result of its price; the company coughed up to a total of $5.2 billion. CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s achievement brought him to the public eye which made the bank gain economic advantage in the Brazilian market and other countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of the renowned corporate executive who has attracted a lot of recognition and respect, especially in his all-time company, the Bradesco Bank. The company is currently considered the backbone of the Brazilian economy since it handles huge financial issues affected major businesses. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s hard work and achievements have made politicians, newspapers, and business leaders to pay much attention to his expert opinions.

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Whitney Wolfe Creates An Exciting Social Media Platform

The culture is truly buzzing about the way that people are getting a chance to know one another. There are changes in social media, and people are finding that it is much easier to meet someone online than it has ever been to meet someone in person. Whitney Wolfe has gravitated towards this and she has become a developer of an app that facilitates this.

Whitney Wolfe has actually become the developer of multiple apps that allow this to occur in multiple ways. What she has managed to do is create an app called Bumble. That is also the name of the company that she started. This is a company that has changed the way that people look at the concept of dating.

More women are taking interest in an app like Bumble because it gives them the opportunity to meet men, but the woman gets the chance to make the first move. That is definitely one of the main reasons that Bumble has become such a popular hit with young women.

There is also an app that Whitney Wolfe created called Bumble Bizz. This is a great app environment for those ambitious young business professionals that are trying to bond with other people that may have the same ambition that they have. This is a step in the right direction for the social media community.

Whitney Wolfe is getting her ideas out and changing the way that men and women build lasting connections through love and business relationships. Whitney Wolfe has a great handle on a concept that many people are still trying to master in the business world.

Whitney Wolfe Founder and CEO has been able to prove that app technology is something that can benefit people that want to utilize social media to save time. Men that use the Bumble app are aware that they can connect with multiple females, but they have to wait on the females to respond.

People and business that use Bumble Bizz realize that they can connect with people outside of their geographical limitations because this dating app gives them access to a worldwide user base.