How ClassDojo Is Revolutionizing The Educational Sector

Ad Astra schools founded by Elon Musk is partnering up with ClassDojo, an Educational software developer. The partnership will allow ClassDojo to deploy its new tools and software directed towards digital learning for both teachers and students. The motive is to design critical thinking puzzles also known as Conundrums.

The puzzles aim to promote open-ended critical thinking and highlight ethical problems. The students are encouraged to understand the problem and engage in group discussions to brew up a solution. The planned curriculum is uncommon in most of the elementary and middle schools.

ClassDojo provides an online platform for students, teachers, and parents to stay connected at all times. The purpose is to create a productive learning environment which will enhance holistic personality development and hone one’s skill set with time. ClassDojo can work as an app with provisions for teachers to share performance reports, photos and even videos to observe student behavior.

In 2011, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don released the beta version of ClassDojo. The response was overwhelming, and in a year, ClassDojo was accessed by 3.5 million teachers and students across 30 countries. Later they made the app available in different languages. The founders took the step of adding messaging services and an educational online stream designed mostly by teachers Currently with a consumer base spread across 180 countries ClassDojo is becoming the choice of app for promoting critical thinking in students from an early age.

The app is designed to be interactive with a very simple interface. It can be accessed through any smartphones, desktops and even tablets. The level of transparency in unbelievable as the students can invite their parents to view performance reports and attendance records. The teachers can reward the students in the app for a task well completed.

They were recently included in the list of “25 Most Disruptive Companies” Published by Inc. ClassDojo featured in the list of “100 Most Promising Companies of the United States” published by Forbes. It was awarded for the Best Education Startup by TechCrunch. Fast Company included ClassDojo in their list of “The 35 Most Innovative Apps of the Year” this year.