Betsy DeVos is Improving America’s Educational System One State at a Time

Betsy DeVos has made a career of finding answers to problems. This vocation began over three decades ago when she first became involved in politics on the Calvin College campus. Mrs. DeVos searches for answers in many ways. She uses politics, corporate ventures, and philanthropy, to try to make people’s lives better.


One of Betsy DeVos’ most long running campaigns has been to improve education for all children, which is probably one of the reasons that President Trump chose her to be the Secretary of Education. Betsy believes that school choice is essential in improving our educational system. She believes that all parents, regardless of their family’s wealth, deserve the opportunity to choose the correct school for their child.


Betsy DeVos advocates for a voucher system. This system distributes school vouchers to parents. This allows them to choose the school that they believe will work best for their child. Mrs. DeVos believes that this will increase the availability of quality education to children of all economic statuses.


Mrs. DeVos cites multiple facts to support the claim that these voucher systems are effective. Today there are 33 publicly funded, privately run, schools in 17 states and the District of Columbia. More states are adopting voucher systems and more citizens believe that school choice is important.


She sees Florida as a clear success story for school choice. The sunshine state is now home to 55,000 students who were given a choice in their education. She also sees states like Louisiana and Indiana, who have recently adopted more school choice friendly legislation, as future success stories for educational choice.


Mrs. DeVos believes that this should be a bipartisan issue. She has faith that both Democrats and Republicans will understand the benefit of school choice. In Florida, for example, they are receiving more support from Democrats who see the progress that their states re making because of school choice.


Those who know Betsy DeVos understand the interesting duality of her personality. She is soft spoken, polite, and professional. However, they also know her to be a fierce competitor who fights for what she believes in. Betsy DeVos believes in freedom of educational choice for families, and the has facts and figures to support her confidence.


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