Their Efforts in Banking Industry

NexBank is a banking company headquartered out of Dallas, Texas. NexBank deals with commercial and mortgage banking as well as institutional services. John Holt is the CEO and president of NexBank. Holt recently served on the panel for the Texas Bankers Association. The conference was located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The purpose of the conference was for leaders in the baking industry and and advisers to exchange information and ideas in regard to the acceleration of the industry. The panelists and attendees discuss opportunities and possible solutions to the industry’s dilemmas.

NexBank is a regional bank with total assets of $8.4 billion. NexBank is the fourth largest bank in the city of Dallas. The total limit for lending is $150 million. Their mortgage bank reached a total of $3.5 billion during 2015. During 2016, their total was $5.0 billion. During 2017, their total was $6.1 billion. NexBank is a SBA preferred lender.

NexBank assists in grants and sponsorships services. They offer mortgage services to the low to moderate income bracket. Nexbank provides housing and consumer loans to 2,200 veterans in Texas. Nexbank sponsors financial literacy at 12 public schools. Some of the organization they are affiliated with include The Real Estate Council Community Fund, Dallas Neighborhood Homes, Dallas Women’s Foundation and Texas Veterans.

Dallas Neighborhood homes is a nonprofit mortgage servicing provider. They offer an Affordable Housing Loan Program for Dallas residents. They aim to assist in 100 loans a year for the next five years specifically for southern Dallas residents. Matt Siekielski, Executive VP of NexBank, stated he was proud of the partnership with Dallas Neighborhood Homes. Nexbank is assisting with $50 million in loans to help the expansion of the program for the proceeding five years. Dallas Neighborhood Homes will be using the funds to assist low-income homebuyers. They said they will help prepare homeowners with counseling for ownership.

NexBank has acquired College Savings Bank from Princeton, New Jersey. College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey, specilizes in college loans. The company will keep its name under the acquisition of NexBank.