Fagali’I Airport

The Fagali’I Airport is located in Apia, Samoa. Before 2002, it was only a grassy airstrip, but was paved in July of 2002. The government and citizens of Apia had concerns about the environmental impacts and noise level that the airport brought, but it was decided in 2009 to resume the flight services in an attempt to better serve the Samoans.

Travelers can use this airport to take a direct flight to Pago Pago, American Samoa, just a short one-hour trip. Fagali’I Airport is a very small airport, and is only used for small, eight-seat planes to take off and land. In fact, there are no terminals or gates; it is one small building with a booth used for customs, stamping passports, and checking tickets. The only airline that flies from Fagali’I is Polynesian Airlines, and there are direct flights only to the Pago Pago Airport.

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Food and snacks are not available at the airport itself, but people own shops with small snacks and refreshments close to the area. People coming and going from American Samoa to do business or take trips prefer to use Fagali’I because it is a much shorter distance from Apia than the main, larger airport.

Passengers planning to use the airport can take a bus that runs from downtown Apia, or they can take a taxi. Both fares should be relatively cheap, but taxi drivers are known to try to charge their customers more than is actually correct. There are many options for hotels and accommodations in and around downtown Apia according to dohop.com. Most places to stay are within a few miles of the Fagali’I airport and downtown Apia, but travelers can also stay in nicer hotels and resorts with their own places for activities, such as pools and restaurants. Whether for business or leisure travel, the Fagali’I airport provides a new look at a much different culture.

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