EOS Changes Oral Care

Taking care of your lips has long been a part of grooming, especially for females. For years buying lip balm required going down the isle of a store and picking out some Chapstick. There were not many options for flavor and not much competition in this space.

Times began to change a few years back. EOS lip balm began to pile up in many stores. In a recent interview with Fast Company, EOS revealed how they how they created a $250 million company. EOS has driven growth in the oral care category all by itself. The Lip balm company has rethought the oral care business just like other companies have done in their categories in the past.

EOS began focusing their products on women. They rethought everything from how the package was made to how it appealed to all five senses. The company even used social media formats like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to help market their product. All the thought and hardwork has paid off. They have built a brand that is very competitive and even forced other companies to produce copycats in an effort to compete. EOS has quite simply changed the way people take care of their lips. Their presence will continue to be felt in the market for many years to come. https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm.html

EOS Lip Balm Enables You To Have Nourished Lips

Have you ever purchased lip balm that did nothing for your lips? Unfortunately, many people are unaware of there actually being low qualities of lip balm being sold in today’s stores. If you have happened to come across lip balm that was less than what you had intended to pay for, then please do not hesitate to look into buying lip balm from a company that is going to actually nourish your lips, as opposed to drying up within a few minutes.

Although the nourishment they provide aren’t permanent, creating a long-term relationship with a lip balm company that provides you with high quality in its product is going to be crucial for you to have a healthy set of lips. EOS lip balm is a great choice of lip balm as they have received a vast array of positive feedback from their Target and Ulta customers. They create their lip balm with the customers’ health in mind. In other words, they know that one’s lips have a vital role in their life, whether they are aware of it or not. Lips help one to eat, talk, and much more. Thus, it will be very important for you to ensure that you are taking the steps that are necessary towards keeping your lips nourished. By investing in a company like EOS lip balm, you will have assurance of knowing that your lips are going to be kept nourished for a long time. When you are ready to buy EOS lip balm for the first time, please do not hesitate to look at the customer reviews that have been left about the EOS lip balm company as there are many more positive ones than negative.

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