OSI Food Solutions expansion plans

OSI Food Solutions is one of the leading producers of value-added food in the world. The company has a presence in 17 countries. It has also built over 65 production plants in these countries. The company has in recent years been dedicated to the production of better food products as well as the expansion of its operations to as many countries as possible. There has been a need to take the food products to as many as possible since they offer superior products at a competitive price. They also respect the tastes and preferences of the people in areas they open businesses, they do not bring anything new, they respect the cultures and even prioritize management of business operations in these areas to the local community. The headquarters of the company is in Illinois, and the management cannot manage to monitor everything that is going on in all their branches in different countries.

OSI Food Solutions expansion

OSI Food Solutions has been expanding to various countries but also has it been expanding its existing plants in various locations. After expanding their production plant in Illinois by purchasing the Tysons Food plant, they moved to their plant in Toledo, Spain where they also expanded but here through the construction of more space. The plant has been critical in feeding Spain and Portugal, and the expansion has enabled the company to meet more demand for its food products that is coming from this region. The expansion of the plant involved the addition of 22,600 square feet of property.

Results of expansion

After the expansion of the plant, there will be double production of chicken products. From 12,000 tons a year, the plant has a capacity to produce 24,000 tons. The increase in production of chicken products has been made necessary by the increase in demand for food products. There has been an increase in demand for chicken products in the region such that consumer data shows that the increase has shifted from six percent to eight percent. This increase has pushed the company to come up with a high capacity production line that will ensure that as demand increases, the company is also meeting the need.

OSI Food Solutions has also created employment opportunities for the people. After the expansion of the facility, new 20 job opportunities have been created. There has also been the creation of the post of product development manager. This is the person responsible for coming up with new products.